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Environment Management Policy

As a group aware of our social responsibilities, contributing to the national economy, environmentally sensitive, we commit ourselves to;

• Comply with the approved international legislation, national laws, regulations and other obligations related with the environment,

• Prevent the environmental pollution by following technological developments, reduce waste at source, recycle as much as possible, dispose of or have disposed of the non-recyclable waste without harming the environment,

• Take measures for reducing the consumptions of resources such as power, fuel and water and to ensure sustainable improvement by setting targets every year,

• Raise the awareness of all of our employees and training them so that they develop individual responsibility, to achieve success regarding environment,

• Announce our environment policy to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and all interested parties, keep it open and contribute to raise environmental awareness in the interested parties,

• To carry out periodic reviews for achieving the environment policy goals and objectives.