Planned Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance ensures the continuity, energy saving and low number of malfunctions of the plant. However, the most important consequence is that, it allows the officers responsible for the management of the facility to be more comfortable and to have better peace of mind. It is well known that, when maintenance is performed, no matter, which is unknown or may pose risk, in relation with the facility remains. For this reason, we carry out our maintenance activities according to the periods pre-determined in the maintenance schedule, both with teams working continuously in the facility and with external teams, as well.

Since we monitor our maintenance activities with our software, we can observe different data of an equipment such as all labor, material replacement, measurements and test performed throughout the life cycle of the equipment. Thus, we contribute to our customers by providing them with the most accurate data so that they can perform their planning for the future.

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Maintenance Management

However, a sub-topic of maintenance services is maintenance services specific to the product. Here, issues that must be realized by the suppliers of a certain number of products, that require special test and intervention equipment and that include special expertise.

To this end, in accordance with the framework agreements we have on your behalf, we may sign maintenance contracts with suppliers or authorized firms, on many subjects such as elevators, generators, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Thus, you experience the convenience of working with a single contractor, who is responsible for the whole maintenance work and get uninterrupted service with the best prices and suppliers that may be changed.

On the other hand, you can monitor detailed information on the spare parts and consumables used throughout the entire application phase, over our web-based software, and intervene in cases where you deem necessary.