Save, Briefly

As Save, since 2008, we provide the following in the Turkey offices, buildings and plants of international and local companies:

Technical facility management,
Planned preventive maintenance,
Measuring and auditing,
Project implementation,
Supply of spare parts and consumables,
Building management.
Support services (cleaning and maintenance, landscaping, waste management, relocation, housekeeping, internal mail)

With our expertise, we come to front as the first and leader group that providing only technical services.

Our mission is based on carrying out building management and technical service business with a lower cost, higher efficiency and more planned way in a manner to give support to the vision of our customers.

Accordingly, we create opportunity for our customers to focus on their main businesses in their activity areas, besides allow them to reach a more powerful and competitive position in their industries. For this, we are acting with the vision of effectuating centralized solutions in the most efficient manner.

Together with this, while we are servicing in a facility, we get into the act favorable to the teams and departments of the facility horizontally and international and local business processes vertically. Therefore our approach is the most important factor which brings us the success.

With this awareness, we provide integration to our customers’ processes, with a transparent approach that creates an atmosphere of confidence while we perform our work. While we expose our expertise, this approach of ours, which gives the priority to the expectations and demands of our customers at the first place, makes a significant difference for our clients.

We wish you to know that, all your requests are protected by the principle of complete confidentiality in our company, which has obtained the first ISO 27001 certification in its sector, and will be shared with only a limited number of officers.