Project Implementation

From the moment a building is built, the first need for change begins. The plant is continuously updated with modification projects to respond to the needs. For example, creation of a new room, expansion of the cafeteria, various compartments built in the open office and modifications of the related power and ventilation infrastructure according to these needs, are separate projects.

Because in a living building, the demands of the users also change constantly. The increasing number of visitors or employees, effects of internal process changes on the layout, is only possible with an organization that continuously monitors. This situation is one of the critical elements, which increase both the efficiency of the building and productivity of the people living in it.

However, the most important parameter in project work is completing the process within the shortest time possible and outside the working hours, without impacting the comforts and working times of the people living and working in the building. To realize this service, a planned, fast, determined, results-oriented approach is needed.

In this regard, during our work, all needs of our customers project-planned, they are fulfilled outside of the working hours of our customers or during their specific holiday time according to the size of the project and we finalize our work without creating any kind of discomfort or loss of productivity.