Technical Facility Management

Technical facility management services means the continuous service availability of the existing infrastructure in line with user needs through optimizations and controls. This work effects production in industrial plants, employee satisfaction in office areas, and customer comfort in places where services are provided, such as hotels and hospitals.

In this direction, acting on the principle of end-user satisfaction, we provide our services in a planned and organized manner and so as to contribute a positive effect to the workplaces and comforts of the users. It constitutes our main expertise to ensure continuity throughout the entire operation period, through resolving the potential risks before they occur.

We offer our technical facility management services on a 365 day, 24 hours basis, under contracts either to react immediately with our permanent in-house teams or with our external team organizations for reaction within a specified period, depending on the customer needs.

Nevertheless, all of your requests through our call center are recorded and we collect the information that will build a strong database for you in the future.